The town initially took the Latin name Julianellum, later modified in Giulianello, Giugnanello, Ignanello, to finally become Vignanello. The town rises on the hilly slopes that descend from the Cimini Mountains towards the Tiber valley. Vignanello has an excellent farming territory mainly for hazelnut and vine crops. Its medieval old town, the ancient settlement and the two eighteenth-century villages are located along a tufaceous ridge bounded on the north by Valle Maggiore, where the Zangola ditch flows, and on the south by the Valle della Cupa, with its namesake ditch. In Vignanello there is one of the most fascinating residences, Palazzo Ruspoli, accompanied by its extraordinary seventeenth-century garden. Vignanello is known for its production of white and red wines that represent one of the most important agricultural resources for the south-east slope of the Cimini mountains, thanks to which it has earned numerous awards. In addition to wine, hazelnuts are of particular importance in the territory, essential for the preparation of many typical local desserts, such as the Crucchi and the Mostaccioli, and the production of extra virgin olive oil which has won many awards in recent years. Of note, again in the context of local culinary traditions, the Pamparito is a typical Easter bread but which is consumed throughout the year for its irresistible taste.

Rete di Imprese TERRA CIMINA

c/o Comune di Vallerano
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