Vallerano is an enchanted island surrounded by chestnut trees, where time seems to never pass between small squares, arches and its beautiful medieval village. Fanned out between Canepina and Vignanello, it is about 18 km from Viterbo. The urban landscape preserves a medieval structure, the first traces of settlement date back to the Bronze Age. Proof of this is the number of finds present in the countryside, also the many Etruscan tombs in the area, demonstrating that Vallerano was part of the territory of Etruria. Enclosed between walls and towers, the historic center of Vallerano enjoys many monuments of interest, among which the church of San Vittore, dedicated to the patron saint of the town, and the Sanctuary of Maria Ss.Ma del Ruscello, deserve special mention.

Known as “the Pearl of Cimino”, the town welcomes tourists with history and culture, making them immerse among its monuments. Today Vallerano is enlivened by a series of events and initiatives able to attract crowds of visitors. Wine, hazelnuts and chestnuts, especially the Vallerano chestnut DOP, the only chestnut DOP in Italy, are the main products of Valleranese agriculture. But an excellence of the Valleranese gastronomy is also the Porchetta that carries the name of the country even outside the regional borders.

Rete di Imprese TERRA CIMINA

c/o Comune di Vallerano
Piazzale Armando Diaz, 13- 01030 VALLERANO

Codice fiscale e Partita IVA n. 02263740561
R.E.A. di Viterbo VT165466