Cripta – Connutti

Going down to the basement of the church of Santa Maria della Presentazione, you find yourself in an underground environment from which a tunnel leads through the historic center of Vignanello to its full extent. This conduit still hosts the remains of the terracotta aqueduct built at the beginning of the 600s by Ottavia Orsini, feudatory of Vignanello, to bring water to the Italian garden of her property and to supply the population with water. Following along, you will come across several wells of light from the perfectly circular section, which rise up to the street level. Under the trampling surface of the tunnel, two terracotta pipes of the aqueduct of Ottavia Orsini are walled up, which using the principle of communicating vessels, brought water from the springs to the castle and the garden, overcoming the considerable height difference. These ducts are partly still visible where the covering that protected them has been lost.

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