Chiesa Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta

The date of construction is not clear, but if today we can enjoy these harmonious architectural forms, its blocks of rosacea rock that, at dusk, take on colour reflections of rare beauty, we owe it to Antonio Cordini da Sangallo known as “Il giovane”, nephew of Antonio “il vecchio”, who restored it in 1492; and as the Canepinese wanted, made it resemble that of the Madonna della Quercia. All this seems to have happened through a miracle that was later frescoed in a lunette of the cloister and on the central door, inside the church of the Madonna della Quercia, by the Viterbo artist Angelo Picciotti in 1630. This church of S. Maria Assunta houses the statue of Santa Corona, patron saint of the town, and carried in procession every year.

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